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Our 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils help change the way families achieve and manage their health. We’re passionate about harvesting the most potent plant extracts nature has to offer, and sharing them with you. For families interested in achieving the healthiest lifestyle and sharing that with loved ones, Invivo Essential is committed to providing all-natural botanical oils for helping you attain balance of mind, body, and soul.

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  • I found this product on Amazon one day and gave it a try. I had no idea it would make my dry winter skin feel so radiant and healthy! No more itchy dry skin : )
    Nancy-- Upland, CA
  • Yours is a product I really enjoy and will continue using. I keep it on a table in our sitting room, and dip into it often. It is wonderful on my entire body. And, my nails have never been longer or stronger. With climate changes, my skin is thirsty for lubrication that is non greasy, and this product solves my every need. And here's a wonderful aside. I have a French Bulldog and his little face gets rough from hours of playing the the gardens and grass. When he sees me go for the jar, he comes right to me and turns his face up. I put a tiny amount in my palm and rub his face. I believe he enjoys the smell and it immediately softens his muzzle. I discussed it with our veterinarian who confirmed that it was good for him. I plan to give a jar to everyone this coming holiday season. Thank you for such a pure and wonderful product. It has made such a qualitative difference in my life.  
    Scarlett S.-- Catskill, NY
  • I recently purchased the peppermint oil, and put it in a diffuser on my desk at work, and people can't stop coming by to compliment me on the wonderful smell. Good job, guys!
    Heather-- Tulsa, OK
  • I read that tea tree oil was quite beneficial for your skin, and I've been totally impressed with how this essential oil has helped me out. I've been using it on my nail beds, and on those little red dots you get on the back of your arms... and it's amazing!
    Tracy-- Portland, OR