Eucalyptus Oil #2 Spray DIY Recipe


Eucalyptus oil is the key to making this #2 spray smell so good, and helps keep those other smells at bay. For those that still can’t figure it out, #2 spray is for bowel movements. How it works is really cool. It doesn’t just mask the smell, it actually creates a barrier layer on the top of the toilet water. That way, when you do your business, all the smells are trapped below that protective layer.

The aerosol sprays that you find sitting on the floor next to the toilet are filled with toxic petrochemicals. In order to use those sprays, you have to make a large cloud of it in the bathroom. The mist goes everywhere, onto your toothbrush, into your lungs. Gross! Worst of all, anyone else that goes in the bathroom after you knows you made a big stinker, because you had to cover it with that can of fogger.

You may have to write some instructions on the back of the tag for your guests, if they are not familiar with the right way to use this product. The correct way is to use it before you go #2. Like we mentioned earlier, it creates a barrier of oil droplets on the surface of the toilet water, and when the BM goes under the surface, the barrier closes in again, and “seals” the surface so the odors can’t escape. The oils contain eucalyptus oil, so they care gently creating an aromatherapy effect of releasing the scent of the essential oil into the air in and around the toilet, which counteract any gas that was made during the movement. (It’s weird writing this. I hope everyone is having a good laugh at me.)

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<h2>Eucalyptus Oil #2 Spray DIY Recipe</h2>

Total Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 12 ounces

<h2>Eucalyptus Oil #2 Spray DIY Recipe</h2>



  1. Measure the rubbing alcohol and transfer it to spray bottle using a funnel
  2. Add the liquid soap and the glycerine in the same manner
  3. Add the eucalyptus essential oil, counting each drop with the included dropper
  4. Add the food coloring, as desired.
  5. Add a cute tag, and write out some instructions on the back, for guests


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