Eucalyptus Oil Chest Rub DIY Recipe


Who doesn’t love the smell of eucalyptus oil, or did they call it menthalyptus in the commercial? We all grew up with that good old chest rub. And it works great, but if you’d like to know exactly what goes into it AND save a buck or two, we can now make it ourselves.

It’s funny, of all the products that we make ourselves here at Invivo Essential, this one is eerily similar to the name brand. That’ because long ago, while other companies were trying to give us nasty chemicals, the good people at Vick’s knew that you didn’t need to improve on eucalyptus oil. It works really well for relieving chest congestion.

Interestingly enough, there are two ways to use chest rub. The first is to run it on the bottoms of your feet, and then you war a pair of socks. The second is that you rub it on your chest, under your collar, on your sternum. Both seem to work equally well.

By making your own product, you get to eliminate petroleum jelly from the mix. Petroleum jelly is just what it sounds like. It’s made from the distillation of crude oil, and is not something you’d want to put on your skin.

We are going to get that same consistency by using beeswax to thicken some coconut oil. Not only is it all natural, beeswax is made by bees, and contains amino acids, and a ton of minerals. You also get the benefit of the coconut oil for your skin. What’s more, the coconut oil will allow the eucalyptus oil to absorb into your body. The aromas that it produces work almost immediately to relive a tight chest and to loosen congestion.

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<h2>Eucalyptus Oil Chest Rub DIY Recipe</h2>

20 minutes

Yield: 4 ounces

<h2>Eucalyptus Oil Chest Rub DIY Recipe</h2>



  1. Measure and add the two coconut oils to the 4 oz mason jar
  2. Add in the beeswax
  3. Microwave on high until beeswax is completely melted
  4. Add in the essential oils, counting each drop
  5. Apply the lid
  6. Allow to cool completely
  7. Label your jar in a cute font
  8. This chest rub will keep for several months in the medicine cabinet, waiting for the day you need it


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