Eucalyptus Oil Shower Cleaner DIY Recipe


Before we get started, I have to say that using eucalyptus oil in a shower cleaner is brilliant! Not only does it clean the shower, but it makes the whole bathroom smell like a day spa. (That’s a good thing!)

The other thing we think is worth mentioning is the other recipes you will see out there on the Internet. Most of them call for liquid dish soap, like Dawn. You can spot them from a mile away, all the bottles are blue! That sounds like a great idea, except… well… we don’t have any baked on grease in our shower. We have soap scum, so adding more soap should seem counterintuitive, because it is.

The key to why we feel our shower cleaner recipe works so well, is that it contains two acids and an essential oil. Let’s examine that breakdown in a little more detail. The first acid is vinegar. You’ll see vinegar in a gazillion recipes for cleaners, because it is a GREAT all-natural cleaner. It’s also a mild acid, so it neutralizes the alkalinity of the soap, and therefore the soap scum. Once the soap is neutralized, it’s much less “caky” and starts to release itself from surfaces. The second acid is the lemon juice. Not only is it a natural whitener (for things like grout) but it goes a long way toward balancing that vinegar smell. The final ingredient is the eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus oil is a natural degreaser, so again, we feel the dish detergent is redundant. It has natural anti-microbial properties, so it leaves the shower clean in that sense. It’s an odor remover, always good for the shower door track, or the bottom of the shower curtain, which is the first part of the shower to get stinky if it stays wet for hours. And finally, eucalyptus oil smells awesome, in fact you can’t even smell the vinegar in our recipe.

To use, just spray down the shower lightly where the water hits the tiles and door/curtain after each use. If not used as a daily cleaner, it cuts through soap scum and mildew if you use a scrubby sponge with it on a less frequent basis.

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<h2>Eucalyptus Oil Shower Cleaner DIY Recipe</h2>

Total Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 16 ounces

<h2>Eucalyptus Oil Shower Cleaner DIY Recipe</h2>



  1. Measure the vinegar and lemon juice
  2. Use a funnel to add them to a spray bottle
  3. Add the eucalyptus essential oil, counting each drop with the included dropper
  4. Label the bottle, we use these chalkboard labels and these fun colored chalk sticks
  5. Shake well to mix, and again before each use
  6. Apply lightly as a daily cleaner, or more heavily if scrubbing your shower and tub


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