Frankincense Oil Boo Boo Salve


Frankincense oil is so amazing at healing cuts, we had to develop a recipe that made full use of its healing powers. So, without naming any brands, think of something that you put on cuts that speeds healing, and comes in a little yellow tube.

Frankincense oil is a natural antiseptic and an astringent. It increases blood flow to the point of contact on the skin, which helps to speed up the healing process, as that blood flow brings white blood cells to to the cut. It also sterilizes the surface of the cut, naturally. This will fend off infection. Lastly, frankincense oil also controls the itching that comes with a healing cut as the body builds scar tissue to protect and regenerate the skin that is reconnecting.

So, we don’t have a good way to get this into a little yellow tube, but we can do better than that. We’ll serve ours in an adorable little miniature mason jar.

To use, just put some under a bandage, and see for yourself what essential oils are capable of. This recipe uses a few different essential oils, but if you aren’t able to have all of them in your collection, the frankincense is the most important one.

And just so everyone in your home knows what this stuff is after its been sitting in the medicine cabinet for months, make sure to label it. We also made a tag with the little hospital cross symbol, so it’s easy to see, and we think it pushes it over 10 on the cuteness scale.

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<h2>Frankincense Oil Boo Boo Salve</h2>

Total Time: 2 hours

Yield: 2 ounces

<h2>Frankincense Oil Boo Boo Salve</h2>



  1. Use a 4 oz mason jar as a melting jar, to melt the beeswax in the microwave oven. This is easier if you buy beeswax pellets.
  2. Add the coconut oil
  3. You may need to reheat to keep the beeswax from solidifying
  4. Stir well
  5. Add the essential oils, counting each drop with the included dropper
  6. Transfer the liquid mixture to the 2 oz mason jar
  7. Label the jar, and add a decorative tag
  8. You can tie the tag on with this really cute paper twine
  9. Allow the mixture to cool for one hour before use
  10. Apply to cuts as needed, under a bandage


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