Fresh Scent Clothes

A natural solution for fresh clothes.

DIY Blend

Invivo Lavender, 50 drops
Invivo Lemon, 30 drops
Invivo Peppermint, 20 drops
Mix ingredients in a bottle and shake thoroughly. Wait at least 8 hours for oils to blend. Add 3-4 drops to a cotton cloth, no larger than 4” square, or a dryer ball, and toss into the dryer during the cool down cycle. Your clothes and towels will come out smelling cleaner and fresher.
You can also choose any essential oil fragrance that appeals to your senses, using the same techniques states above.
Potential Oils - Fresh Scent:  Invivo Lavender Oil, Invivo Rosemary Oil 
Potential Oils - Masculan Scent:  Invivo Ylang Ylang Oil

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