Cuts & Bruise Compress

Cool compress to relieve discomfort.

A soothing option for caring for a minor wound.

DIY Blend

Invivo Lavender Oil*, 8 drops
IInvivo Jojoba Oil**,2 TBSP
Geranium Oil, 5 drops
Cold water, 2 cups
Small cloth
Mix all oils thoroughly. Add 8 drops of the blend to the water. Completely soak small cloth, then wring out excess water. Apply directly to the wound until the cloth is no longer cool. Reapply every few hours as needed.
*Can substitute Invivo Tea Tree Oil 
**Can substitute Invivo Sweet Almond OilInvivo Fractionated Coconut Oil , Invivo Argan Oil


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Cleaning care for a cut or bruise.

Be sure to wash a wound before bandaging or allowing it to heal in the open air.