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Afro-Textured Hair Rinse

Easy , safe and effective!

Hair rinse that nourishes and leaves hair healthy and conditioned.

Fresh Air Air Freshener

Bye Bye Stale Smells

Enjoy outdoor ambience inside the house!

Acid Reflux Remedy

Gentle blend for digestion.

Reduce or eliminate acid reflux naturally!


Blemish Fighting

Minimize breakouts quickly and naturally!

Acne Relief

Treat acne naturally.

A gentle way to fight unwanted acne.

After Sun Spray

Soothing DIY treatment!

Homemade spray solution for nurturing sunburned and stressed skin.

Age Spots Relief

Dab away the age spots

Helps fade age spots within a few weeks.

Aging Skin Toning Blend

Freshen while nurturing!

Gentle and effective toner for aging skin.

Air Freshener

Spring /Summer Air Freshener

Bring that fresh Spring/Summer scent throughout the home.

All Around Cleaning

Basic Window CLeaning

Non-abrasive yet cleans effectively.

All Around Cleaning

All Purpose Cleaner

Effective toxin free alternative for a clean home.

All Around Cleaning

Basic Wood Furniture Polish

A natural solution that gently polishes, cleans and conditions.

All Around Cleaning

Floor Cleaner

Popular non-toxic recipe for a clean floor!

All-Natural Body Polish

Sweet way to refreshen the skin!

Bath scrub that leaves skin fresh and revitalized.


Breathe Easy

Clearing the breathing passages for more effective breathing!


Breathing by Diffuser

Simple solution for clearing the path to easier breathing!

Asthma Steam Relief

Breathe easier with essential oils.

Simple steaming to alleviate asthma symptoms.

Athlete's Foot

Dab-On Blend

Sometimes just a dab will do you to fight off irritating athletes foot!

Awaken your Combination Skin

Easy solution!

Gentle care for combo skin.

Back Pain

Soak away back pain!

Soak away back pain!

Balancing Facial Scrub

Keep your skin happy and healthy!

Balance your skin naturally!


Lavender Bath

Relax in the bath!

Bath TIme

Basic Bath Salts

Healing and relaxing at the same time!


Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Disinfect and clean with your favorite oils!


Sink Cleaner With Fiz

For a deeper cleaning, add some fizz to your sink and watch it shine!


Basic Sink Cleaner

Leaves your sink sparkling while your bathroom smells fresh.


Basic Bathroom Cleaner

Safe, all natural cleaner that eliminates germs.

Bedroom - Mud Room

Shoe Freshener

An easy way to refresh even the most pungent sneakers or hiking shoes.

Bedroom Clothes Freshener

Drawer Liner Freshener

Provide a pleasant resting place for your clothes.

Bereavement Massage

Soothing blend for challenging times.

Perfect blend for diffuser or massage.


Blister Treatment

Gentle treatment to reduce swelling and pain!


Blister Be Gone

Effective solution for irritating blisters!

Body Odor

Homemade deodorant

Easy remedy for battling body odor!

Body Odor

Favorite Oil Deodorant

Fragrant deodorant from your favorite essential oil

Breast Care Remedy

Support and Comfort for the girls!

Tender loving care where it counts!

Bunion Compress

Gentle aid for a bunion

Comfort for the ache and irritation of a bunion!

Bunion Soak

Relaxing relief for a bunion.

Gentle remedy for minimizing the pain of a bunion.

Burn Salve

Burn Salve

Soothes while aiding healing

Butters & Balms

Basic Body Butter

Easy and effective!

Bye Bye Cellulite

Help reduce cellulite without surgery!

Body oil to alleviate cellulite.

Calming Remedy

Tender Loving Care for Nerves!

Soothing blend that calms and comforts.

Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

Moisturize while relieving pain.

Massage blend that treats the painful symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpet Freshener

Basic Carpet Freshener

A perfect remedy for freshening up a room.

Chapped Lips

Simple salve for lips!

Easy lip treatment for smooth and soft lips.


Lemon Cleanser, Oily Skin

Balance and hydrate the oil away.

Cold Inhaler Blend

Simple trick for easier breathing.

Gentle, all-natural aid for breathing!

Cold Massage Blend

Treating a cold naturally!

Massage blend to gently soothe cold symptoms.

Combo Skin Steamer

Pick me up for T-Zone troubles!

Facial steam offering a deep cleanse for combo and oily skin.

Comfort Potion

Rub those blues away!

Great for massage or simply inhaling.


Soothing remedy for a burn!

Treatment for a minor burn.

Congestion Chest Rub

Alleviates irritating chest congestion.

Resolve chest congestion naturally.

Constipation Relief

Helpful and gentle solution.

Massage blend that relieves discomfort of constipation.

Cooling the Fever

Touch of peppermint to battle higher temps!

Simple fever treatment

Cough Rub

Gentle relief you'll appreciate!

All-natural soothing rub for a cold and cough.

Cracked Heel Soak

Soothing method to heal those heels!

Simple treatment for soothing cracked heels.

Cracked Heels

Exfoliating Blend

Perfect scrub to nourish and moisturize cracked heels.

Cracked Heels

Overnight Moisturizer for Cracked Heels

Perfect treat for deep moisturizer extremely dry or cracking heels.

Cuts & Bruise Compress

Cool compress to relieve discomfort.

A soothing option for caring for a minor wound.

Dab against Dizziness

Simple and easy to use!

A spot of your favorite oil to stop the dizzy spells!

Dandruff Be Gone!

Dandruff Shampoo

Effective treatment for symptoms of dry scalp and dandruff.

Diaper Rash

Calming care for a irritated baby!

Soothing solution for a baby!


Diarrhea Massage Blend

Gently massage remedy to ease discomfort and symptoms of diarrhea.

Diffuser for Seasonal Allergies

Diffuse away the allergies

Great alternative for treating allergies!

Diffuser Productivity Booster

Subtle way to improve productivity at work or home.

Provides boost for office or home.

Dry Hair

Dry Hair Hot Oil Treatment

Safe, effective conditioner!

Dry Skin Relief

Nourish and moisturize at the same time!

Soothing blend for dry skin or patches.


Fresh Scent Clothes

A natural solution for fresh clothes.

Energize Me

Diffuser Blend

Wonderful blend offering uplifting fragrance that many people find to be motivating!

Enhance Memory and Concentration

Special blend you won't want to forget!

Fragrant blend good for bath or shower.

Fabric Softener

Essential softener

Soften your clothes naturally!

Family Room

Family Room Relaxation

Preparing a room for relaxation.

Flatulence (Gas)

Tummy rub to ease a bit of upset!

Peppermint oil, when absorbed into the ski, can help relieve gas.

Flu Shower Blend

Simple and effective!

Easy shower treatment for cold & flu relief.

Foot Massage Magic

TLC for Tootsies.

Tender care that moisturizes the feet.

Foot Odor

Anti Bacterial Application and Shoe Powder

Kill the smelly foot oder.

Foot Pain

Soak away your foot troubles!

Relieve pain and improve circulation!

General Body Aches and Fatigue

Care for tired and achy body.

Special remedy for stubborn pain or cramping in arms or legs.

Get Balanced!

Dizzy spell relief!

Essential blend that battles dizzyness.

Get Going

Effective blend to get you motivated in the mornings!

Refresh your mood with Invivo Oils!

Hand Softener

Softens and nourishes naturally!

Create blend that moisturizes dry hands.

Headache Relief

Gentle remedy for a headache.

Massage blend to calm a headache.

Headache Relief Compress and Inhaler

Easy , safe and effective!

All-natural blend to alleviate headache.

Headache Salve

Natural relief for headaches

Salvation for a headache!

Healthy Hair

Easy , safe and effective!

Spray treatment to promote healthy hair.

Heart - Stress Buster for the Heart

Massage way the Stress

Even the heart benefits from a relaxing massage!

Help Ease Depression


Blends may help during times of depression and anxiety.

Helps Pick You Up

Also great for Jet Lag

Use during or after a bath for a quick pick up.

Homes Freshener

Happy Home Air Freshener

Invigorating a room.

Humidifier Treatment

Healthy home tip!

A humidifier prevents the cool dry environment that viruses thrive in.

Hypertension Relaxation

Ease away the stress!

Diffuser blend to aid in relaxation.

Immediate Sunburn Relief

Tea Tree Treatment

Tea Tree Oil soothes and nourishes sunburned skin.

Insect Repellent

Ward off unwanted bug bites

Gentle all-natural bug repellent

Irregular Periods

Hormonal Blend

Help balancing hormonal irregularity.

Jock Itch

Blend Releif

Alleviate inflammation and itch!

Joint Inflammation Cold Pack

Soothing DIY treatment!

Immobilize area and apply cold pack to reduce inflammation.

Joint Relief Blend

Massage oil for sore joints!

Soothing relief for the aches and pains of sore joints

Joint Relief Compress

Simple solution for tight joints.

Relieve discomfort of painful joints with a soothing compress.

Kiddie Cuts and Scratches

Tiny Scratch Relief

Even an “owie” needs some oil!

Kiddie Cuts and Scratches

Sweet Smelling Bath time

Cleaning the body while caring for scratches!


Grease Fighting Dishwashing Liquid

Gently and effectively fight tough grease.

Lavender Milk Bath

Pamper yourself while soaking in the tub!

Recipe for most relaxing bath time!

Lice Away

Non-toxic blend to treat lice!

Gently remove unwanted pests!

Lice Away Spray

Aid for unwanted critters!

Spray Away the Lice!

Lice Shampoo

Effective in killing lice!

Wash away the lice!

Low Testosterone - Massage Support

Feel better soon!

Effective massage blend to aid with low testosterone issues.


Hot Flash Relief

Easy and effective for hot flashes and headaches


Hot Flash Hydrosol

Relief for the heat of menopause!

Mental Fatigue

Clear Thinking Blend

Relief when you can’t think straight

Migraine Cooling Cold Compress

Quick relief for a headache!

Relief from migraines, apply at the start of one.

Minor Burn Remedy

Easy relief for the discomfort of a burn!

Create a compress to soothe the pain of a burn.

Minor Insect Bite Remedy

Soft touch for a bug bite!

Soothes and stop the itching!

Minor Nosebleed Comfort

Easy treatment for a bloody nose!

Help with those minor nosebleeds.


Dry Skin Relief

Soothing and moisturizing

Mood Stabilizer

Bath time treat for fluctuating moods.

Simple massage blend to manage mood swings.

Morning After Hangover Assistance

Steaming and Diffusing

Easy shower relief for headaches.

Motion Sickness Car Diffuser

Pleasant and effective!

Travel tip for soothing motion sickness.

Motion Sickness Potion

Effective and easy!

A sweet smelling trick to calm the unpleasantness of motion sickness


Spirit Blend - Caring in times of grief

Comfort in time of loss.

Muscle Pain

Perfect blend for muscle pain

Create a massage oil for aching muscles!

Nail Fungus

Killing bacteria naturally!

Oil treatment to treat unwanted fungus.

Nighty Night for Nails

Prepping nails to be their best!

Bedtime treat for nails.

Non Poison Spider Bite

Itch Relief

Remedy to reduce itching and swelling.

Nose Bleed

Easy way to stop the bleeding

Minor nosebleed relief.

Oils at Bedtime

Easy way to ease into a good night's sleep!

Diffuser solution for bringing on sweet dreams!

Oily Skin Astringent

Dab away the oil!

Simple treatment for oily skin.

Poison Ivey

Anti- Itch Blend

Gently relieve unpleasant itching

Postpartum Depression Diffuser Blend

Cheer up with all natural oils!

Adding special blend to diffuser can ease postpartum blues.

Pre Menstrual Syndrom

PMS Relief

Soothing blend for that time of the month!

Preventing Hair Loss

Nourish your hair naturally!

Great way to combat excessive hair loss!

Prostate Care

Improve Heath Everywhere

Massage benefits for even the prostate!

Quick Pick Me Up

Perk up with peppermint!

Touch of peppermint to perk you up!

Quick Stress Reliver

Gentle rub your stress away!

Ease stress and anxiety with soothing benefits of yang-ylang.

Quieting the Mind

Aid for an anxious mind.

Bath blend for soaking or massage.

Recovery Remedy

Heal from life’s traumas!

Massage blend that aids in trauma recovery.

Rejuvenating Bath Salt

Simple and soothing!

Salted bath blend for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Relaxing Massage Blend

Get ready to feel great!

Fragrant massage blend that moisturizes and relaxes.

Relaxing, Peaceful Diffuser Blend

Easiest way to relax!

Essential oil blend for diffuser, promotes deep relaxation.

Release Frustration

Easy method to calm frustration.

Gentle touch to ease frustration and mood swings.

Repetitive Stress

Eye Strain Compress Relief for Tired Eyes

Ease the discomfort of eye strain!

Restless Leg Syndrome

Soak away discomfort!

Gentle bath blend to relieve restless legs.

Salt Scrub

Polish the skin naturally!

Effective alternative to a sugar scrub

Seasonal Nasal Treatment

Nasal relief

Warding off allergy symptoms.

Simple Foot Releif

One Step Solution for dry feet!

Overnight massage blend that leaves feet feeling their best!

Sleep Relaxing Diffuser Blend

Sweet dreams are on their way!

All natural diffuser solution to aid in sleep and relaxation.

Soothing Bath for Relaxing the Mind & Body

Simplest way to relax!

Effective bath blend for relaxation.

Soothing Fever Compress

Compress to cool off.

Simple way to get cool

Sore Throat Remedy

Breathing away a sore throat!

Natural remedy for soothing a sore throat .

Spinal Ache Blend

Be ready for anything!

Aid for morning tightness, preparing the body to get moving!

Steaming Facial Blend

Relax while you deep clean your face!

A deep cleaning naturally.

Stiff Neck Bath Oil

A special treat to relieve neck pain!

Soothing soak for pain of a sore neck!

Stiff Neck Relief Oil

All natural solution for relieving your stiff neck.

Massage blend for the discomfort of a stiff neck!

Stress Away Lotion

Moisturize away the stress!

Turn ordinary lotion into a spa experience.

Stress Buster

Get happy with oils!

Relax while inhaling a stress busting blend of oils!

Sunburn Comfort

Relief for sensitive burns.

Easy, non-toxic spray.


Relief for unwanted tension!

Temple rub to help tame tension.

Tension Release

Aids in letting go of stress and tension.

Effective blend to help release tension.

Testicle Swelling-Reduction

Simple and soothing

Natural aid for swelling and discomfort.

Tile & Grout Cleaner

Tile & Grout Cleaner

Removes tough stains while safely deodorizing


Cleaning care for a cut or bruise.

Be sure to wash a wound before bandaging or allowing it to heal in the open air.

Washer Freshener

Freshen your clothes while you clean.

Gentle all-natural laundry freshener.