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Breast Care Remedy

Support and Comfort for the girls!

Tender loving care where it counts!

Diaper Rash

Calming care for a irritated baby!

Soothing solution for a baby!

Heart - Stress Buster for the Heart

Massage way the Stress

Even the heart benefits from a relaxing massage!

Irregular Periods

Hormonal Blend

Help balancing hormonal irregularity.

Jock Itch

Blend Releif

Alleviate inflammation and itch!

Kiddie Cuts and Scratches

Tiny Scratch Relief

Even an “owie” needs some oil!

Kiddie Cuts and Scratches

Sweet Smelling Bath time

Cleaning the body while caring for scratches!

Lice Away

Non-toxic blend to treat lice!

Gently remove unwanted pests!

Lice Away Spray

Aid for unwanted critters!

Spray Away the Lice!

Lice Shampoo

Effective in killing lice!

Wash away the lice!

Low Testosterone - Massage Support

Feel better soon!

Effective massage blend to aid with low testosterone issues.


Hot Flash Relief

Easy and effective for hot flashes and headaches


Hot Flash Hydrosol

Relief for the heat of menopause!

Postpartum Depression Diffuser Blend

Cheer up with all natural oils!

Adding special blend to diffuser can ease postpartum blues.

Pre Menstrual Syndrom

PMS Relief

Soothing blend for that time of the month!

Prostate Care

Improve Heath Everywhere

Massage benefits for even the prostate!

Testicle Swelling-Reduction

Simple and soothing

Natural aid for swelling and discomfort.