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Acid Reflux Remedy

Gentle blend for digestion.

Reduce or eliminate acid reflux naturally!


Breathe Easy

Clearing the breathing passages for more effective breathing!


Breathing by Diffuser

Simple solution for clearing the path to easier breathing!

Asthma Steam Relief

Breathe easier with essential oils.

Simple steaming to alleviate asthma symptoms.

Burn Salve

Burn Salve

Soothes while aiding healing

Cold Inhaler Blend

Simple trick for easier breathing.

Gentle, all-natural aid for breathing!

Cold Massage Blend

Treating a cold naturally!

Massage blend to gently soothe cold symptoms.


Soothing remedy for a burn!

Treatment for a minor burn.

Congestion Chest Rub

Alleviates irritating chest congestion.

Resolve chest congestion naturally.

Constipation Relief

Helpful and gentle solution.

Massage blend that relieves discomfort of constipation.

Cooling the Fever

Touch of peppermint to battle higher temps!

Simple fever treatment

Cough Rub

Gentle relief you'll appreciate!

All-natural soothing rub for a cold and cough.

Cuts & Bruise Compress

Cool compress to relieve discomfort.

A soothing option for caring for a minor wound.

Dab against Dizziness

Simple and easy to use!

A spot of your favorite oil to stop the dizzy spells!


Diarrhea Massage Blend

Gently massage remedy to ease discomfort and symptoms of diarrhea.

Diffuser for Seasonal Allergies

Diffuse away the allergies

Great alternative for treating allergies!

Flatulence (Gas)

Tummy rub to ease a bit of upset!

Peppermint oil, when absorbed into the ski, can help relieve gas.

Flu Shower Blend

Simple and effective!

Easy shower treatment for cold & flu relief.

Get Balanced!

Dizzy spell relief!

Essential blend that battles dizzyness.

Headache Relief

Gentle remedy for a headache.

Massage blend to calm a headache.

Headache Relief Compress and Inhaler

Easy , safe and effective!

All-natural blend to alleviate headache.

Headache Salve

Natural relief for headaches

Salvation for a headache!

Humidifier Treatment

Healthy home tip!

A humidifier prevents the cool dry environment that viruses thrive in.

Insect Repellent

Ward off unwanted bug bites

Gentle all-natural bug repellent

Migraine Cooling Cold Compress

Quick relief for a headache!

Relief from migraines, apply at the start of one.

Minor Burn Remedy

Easy relief for the discomfort of a burn!

Create a compress to soothe the pain of a burn.

Minor Insect Bite Remedy

Soft touch for a bug bite!

Soothes and stop the itching!

Minor Nosebleed Comfort

Easy treatment for a bloody nose!

Help with those minor nosebleeds.

Morning After Hangover Assistance

Steaming and Diffusing

Easy shower relief for headaches.

Motion Sickness Car Diffuser

Pleasant and effective!

Travel tip for soothing motion sickness.

Motion Sickness Potion

Effective and easy!

A sweet smelling trick to calm the unpleasantness of motion sickness

Non Poison Spider Bite

Itch Relief

Remedy to reduce itching and swelling.

Nose Bleed

Easy way to stop the bleeding

Minor nosebleed relief.

Poison Ivey

Anti- Itch Blend

Gently relieve unpleasant itching

Seasonal Nasal Treatment

Nasal relief

Warding off allergy symptoms.

Soothing Fever Compress

Compress to cool off.

Simple way to get cool

Sore Throat Remedy

Breathing away a sore throat!

Natural remedy for soothing a sore throat .

Sunburn Comfort

Relief for sensitive burns.

Easy, non-toxic spray.


Cleaning care for a cut or bruise.

Be sure to wash a wound before bandaging or allowing it to heal in the open air.