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Bereavement Massage

Soothing blend for challenging times.

Perfect blend for diffuser or massage.

Calming Remedy

Tender Loving Care for Nerves!

Soothing blend that calms and comforts.

Comfort Potion

Rub those blues away!

Great for massage or simply inhaling.

Diffuser Productivity Booster

Subtle way to improve productivity at work or home.

Provides boost for office or home.

Energize Me

Diffuser Blend

Wonderful blend offering uplifting fragrance that many people find to be motivating!

Get Going

Effective blend to get you motivated in the mornings!

Refresh your mood with Invivo Oils!

Help Ease Depression


Blends may help during times of depression and anxiety.

Helps Pick You Up

Also great for Jet Lag

Use during or after a bath for a quick pick up.

Hypertension Relaxation

Ease away the stress!

Diffuser blend to aid in relaxation.

Mental Fatigue

Clear Thinking Blend

Relief when you can’t think straight

Mood Stabilizer

Bath time treat for fluctuating moods.

Simple massage blend to manage mood swings.


Spirit Blend - Caring in times of grief

Comfort in time of loss.

Quick Pick Me Up

Perk up with peppermint!

Touch of peppermint to perk you up!

Quick Stress Reliver

Gentle rub your stress away!

Ease stress and anxiety with soothing benefits of yang-ylang.

Quieting the Mind

Aid for an anxious mind.

Bath blend for soaking or massage.

Recovery Remedy

Heal from life’s traumas!

Massage blend that aids in trauma recovery.

Release Frustration

Easy method to calm frustration.

Gentle touch to ease frustration and mood swings.

Sleep Relaxing Diffuser Blend

Sweet dreams are on their way!

All natural diffuser solution to aid in sleep and relaxation.

Stress Away Lotion

Moisturize away the stress!

Turn ordinary lotion into a spa experience.

Stress Buster

Get happy with oils!

Relax while inhaling a stress busting blend of oils!