Lemon Oil Dusting Spray DIY Recipe


The smell of lemon oil takes me back to my childhood, and helping my mother clean the house after kindergarten. She would give me an aerosol can of lemon dusting spray, and a soft cloth, and set me off to go and clean things surfaces that were low to the ground. Back then it was so much fun. Later in childhood, my chores graduated to helping iron my father’s dress shirts. In both cases the scents of those chores are imprinted in my brain, and are still favorite smells today as I try get our kids to  put down the electronics and help do chores at our home. The second smell I describe was spray starch, I can’t help it… I love it. The first smell was the lemon freshness of the dusting spray.

Unlike me, who grew up in the 70s with the artificial chemical smells wafting from my aerosol can, on their way to our wood furniture, and then the ozone layer… your lucky family will have this adorable little spray bottle filled with natural ingredients and a much better, natural scent of lemon essential oil! Your wood furniture is no worse for the wear, this lemon oil dusting spray really does the job, and doesn’t leave a waxy build up on the wood, either.

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<h2>Lemon Oil Dusting Spray DIY Recipe</h2>

Total Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 16 ounces

<h2>Lemon Oil Dusting Spray DIY Recipe</h2>



  1. Measure water and vinegar
  2. Transfer each ingredient into spray bottle using a funnel
  3. Measureand add the fractionated coconut oil
  4. Add the essential oil, counting the drops with the included dropper
  5. Label with these cute Martha Stewart labels
  6. Shake well to mix, and again before each use

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