Rosemary Oil

Rosemary Oil
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Therapeutic Grade Rosemary Essential Oil - ONE HUNDRED percent pure, all-natural botanical extract (Rosemarinus Officinalis), the very best aromatherapy oil on the market for having a healthyand glamorous head of hair* - This is a HUGE 4 ounce bottle with a FREE medicine dropper as well as a free signature eBook

Our premium grade rosemary oil is 100% pure & undiluted, with a strong, woody, evergreen aroma. Each bottle consists of oil of the highest purity. It is pure therapeutic grade CPTG essential oil, consisting of countless restorative compounds with practically unlimited applications. It has abundant amounts of carnosol, as well as having as much antioxidant power as goji berries! To get the best results, use with a high quality carrier oil, like Invivo Essential fractionated coconut oil.

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More about Rosemary Oil…

Loaded with benefits, rosemary essential oil is has everything to do with treating your hair right and being good to your scalp. Rosemary essential oil, likewise, assists with maintaining proper memory function* so you can remain focused and sharp, even when you have a million things happening at the same time. Relieve distress from periodic acid indigestion*, while delighting in rosemary essential oil’s stunning evergreen aroma. Develop an atmosphere of revitalization while making use of rosemary essential oil to promote healthy and balanced hair growth and regular scalp functions*

Buy with confidence when you purchase our premium rosemary aromatherapy essential oil – you’re backed by our ONE HUNDRED PERCENT money-back satisfaction guarantee – that’s just how certain we are that you will prefer our oil over our competitor’s. We also provide outstanding value to you by including our signature eBook and complimentary glass medicine dropper. The eBook is packed with info about rosemary oil and great DIY recipes to help you get more out of your rosemary oil than just using it for aromatherapy and topical applications. (The ebook is delivered as an e-mail attachment when your order ships from Amazon).

Our rosemary oil is made from the finest raw materials, the leaves of the beautiful Indian rosemary plant. Everything begins with the farmers selecting the best seeds from highest yielding plants for replanting the following year. The harvests are measured and compared, to ensure that that the plants and leaves used ultimately produce the finest essential oils possible. The oil is extracted from the leaves and then steam distilled. Steam distillations is the gentlest extraction technique available. We selected steam distillation to ensure that as little as possible of the essential oil compounds are stripped away from the rosemary oil during the refinement process. This leaves so many of the natural compunds intact, producing the very best and most potent rosemary oil possible. Steam distillation is an all-natural process, so it does not contribute any unnatural contaminants to the rosemary oil. When it’s ready, our essential oils are bottled using advanced and modern equipment, right here in the USA. They are meticulously packaged in amber glass bottles to safeguard them from Ultraviolet rays from the sun, then wrapped and boxed securely for their final journey to your door.

Rosemary Essential Oil – is an effective and powerful oil, is extremely effective in supporting a healthy lifestyle*. To prevent minor burns or skin irritations, dilute essential oils using a top quality carrier, like Invivo Essential fractionated coconut oil. It’s no wonder rosemary essential oil is such a popular oil, considering that it is so effective and has numerous uses. Our rosemary essential oil is of the highest quality, and is a great deal because of the value we pass on to you. We source an incredible volume of essential oils, and are able to leverage that buying power into a fantastic sales price on these giant 4 oz bottles. You’ll also appreciate that all of our essential oils include a FREE glass dropper. That means that you can start using our rosemary oil as soon as you receive it. After you’ve used a dropper cap, you’ll realize how much better they are than the clear plastic dropper inserts you see with most little oils. There’s no mess, and it is so much easier to count the drops that go into a recipe! We also include our signature eBook, loaded with tips and recipes that highlight our beautiful rosemary oil. Our eBook is delivered using Amazon’s email delivery system, to whatever email address you have on file.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.