Rosemary Oil Salt Scrub DIY Recipe


This rosemary oil salt scrub smells amazing. It’s also a great body scrub. I had heard of sugar scrubs long before I had ever heard of a salt scrub. It’s much coarser, but it also works better! It is such a great way to do your body good, remove dead skin cells, and unwind before a bath after a long day.

This recipe also calls for lavender essential oil, but if you don’t own any – that’s fine, just double up on the amount of rosemary oil, or feel free to experiment with blending in any other essentials that are good for skin, and pair well with the evergreen scent of rosemary oil. Tea tree, lemon, and wild orange come to mind…

A word on the fresh rosemary called for in this recipe. Fresh rosemary is a live plant, cut for seasoning our food, etc. If it’s very very fresh when you use it, it will be full of very fresh sap. Putting it in salt draws those liquids out, hey, that’s what we want, right? Well, if it’s too fresh, the whole mix might smell like lawn clippings after a few days. We love the addition of the fresh rosemary with the rosemary oil, it looks good, it smells awesome, and confirms to passers by that this is a rosemary scented product. That said, if you buy fresh rosemary, it’s best to let it sit out for a week or two on a window sill, before you use it in this recipe.

Although this recipe is called a salt rub, it’s not make with table salt. It is made with epsom salt, used for generations to rejuvenate tired muscles, and relieve stress. It also calls for fractionated coconut oil, but you could use raw coconut oil if you chose to. The difference would be that the scrub would be clumpy at room temperature, until you got it into the palm of your hands, where as the fractionated coconut oil is “wetter” ands no scent.

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Rosemary Oil Salt Scrub DIY Recipe

Total Time: 20 minutes

Yield: 16 ounces

Rosemary Oil Salt Scrub DIY Recipe



  1. Pull all the leaves off of the rosemary sprig
  2. Add them into a glass bowl
  3. Measure the epsom salt, add it to the glass bowl
  4. Add dead sea salt to glass bowl
  5. Add the essential oils, counting the drops with the included dropper
  6. Stir all the items well, and transfer to glass jar
  7. Label the jar in a cute font, and take that bath you deserve


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