Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Soap DIY Recipe


We’ve been making this tea tree oil soap now for years. It’s one of our favorite gifts to make at the end of the year for teachers.

We used to think that making soap was out there with making your own cheese, but it’s actually really easy, and surprisingly more mainstream than we first thought.

It also makes sense to craft a bar of soap from tea tree oil. It’s so good for your skin – it’s a great idea to add it to a product that you put all over your skin.

There are numerous base kits for soap making which really make the process foolproof, and a whole lot safer. Traditional tea tree oil soap recipes call for lye, a potentially dangerous substance. Not only are soap making recipes with lye not suitable for making with children, it can be a challenge to find it on a store shelf these days. But, back to the kits for a second… We chose a velvety goat’s milk soap base for this recipe, but by all means feel free to swap that out for a glycerine base soap kit, or a shea butter base. You’ll also find that the soap base kits come in different sizes, and that you get a much better price per pound in the larger sizes.

You can mix up this recipe by substituting any other essential oil for the tea tree oil, or by just adding an essential oil that you think blends well with tea tree oil.

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<h2>Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Soap DIY Recipe</h2>

Cook Time: 45 minutes

Total Time: 12 hours

Yield: 3 lbs (about 12 bars) of soap

<h2>Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Soap DIY Recipe</h2>

These tea tree oil and lavender soap bars are great for your skin, and cute enough to make a great gift...



  1. Add the whole block of soap base kit to a large saucepan
  2. Over medium heat, allow the soap base to begin to slowly melt
  3. Break or cut your bars of Castile soap into small 1 inch pieces (No need to be precise)
  4. Add the Castile pieces to the melting mixture on stove
  5. The goats milk base will melt a lot faster than the Castile soap pieces, this is where we will get the cute polka-dot effect
  6. Continue melting soaps until they are lumpy with the Castile pieces, but there are no longer any chunks
  7. Remove from heat
  8. Add the drops of colorant, to your desired level (We used the lilac color bottle in this recipe)
  9. Finally, add the essential oils, counting out the drops
  10. Pour the molten mixture into the soap making form
  11. Allow to cool overnight, and then remove the sides and pop the soap loaf out of the mold
  12. Using a dough scraper or a knife, slice the loaf into about 12 evenly sized bars of soap
  13. Wrap them with jute twine three to a package, alternating the smooth bottom, and rough tops
  14. Label them with something cute, and give them to a friend!


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